Sunday, October 21, 2012

Favorite Films and Eliadne's Ideas

Favorite Films:
1. Bambi
2. Pretty Women
3. Taken

Eliadne's Ideas/Sacred Event:
There are two sacred events in my life one is Christmas in which my family and I celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is a time in which our family gets together and enjoy each others company. Additionally, we go to the midnight mass to further celebrate his birth. The second sacred event is my anniversary with my significant other. It is a time in which we rejoice for finding one another, a time to reflect and better our relationship.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Short Video Analysis

In the music video,the leaf, unfrozen river, and the continuous movement of water symbolize the end of a cycle or death to life. The leaf symbolizes the end of a season as well as the unfrozen river. The unfrozen river can also symbolize life by its continuous movement and by moving from winter to spring.  The video was essentially representing the cycle of life by using the elements of nature. At the end of the video the leafs danced with joy when winter came to its end and spring began. The setting of the sun also represented the end of a day and a start of a new one.

Celestial Model and Sacred Center

My first name Maria comes from an Italian origin which means sea of bitterness, desired child, and rebel.
Its significance comes from Mary the mother of the crucified Jesus Christ and the bitterness comes from her suffering. It can also mean beautiful and smart. My parents chose this name for me because I was the first born girl and my mother passed on her first name to me, so I can than pass it on to my first born female. In a sense my family continues the name Maria to keep the legacy of past generations. One of my sacred centers is my home because it is were my loved ones reside and its were I can be stress free. My home is my shelter and where I feel safe.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"This Tornado Loves You"

In the song “This Tornado Loves You,” Neko Case uses the symbols and archetypes of death, Love, and nature to express the theme of Destructive Love. According to Anthony Stevens in Ariadne’s Clue, He explains that, “Fear that an attachment bond may be under threat can result in anger and aggression, as well as anxiety, while low or attachment figure is associated with grief, despair, depression, and sometimes suicides” (48). Furthermore, human nature is compassionate; “to recover a loved one who has been carried there is a supreme act of sacrifice;” displaying the bond of human attachment (Stevens, 50).  Additionally, humans have become overly obsessed with love results in the destruction “of the self as an individual,” resulting in the confrontation that “it is the inevitable that people should wish [death]” (Stevens,168).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quotes from Ariadne's Clue

Here are three quotes which I found insightful and interesting:

"something more and other than itself which eludes our present knowledge' is what endows it with fascination and power"(13).

"Viewed from the biological standpoint, it is true to say that the evolution of our capacity to decipher visual meanings occurred much earlier than our capacity to use language; as a result, symbols, being imagistic rather than verbal, are more directly linked to their deep structures (archetypes) than are words" (28).

"Symbols are viewed as the natural language of dreams because dreaming brain makes use of image and drama rather than words" (41).

One quote that I found confusing:
"the best possible formulation of a relatively unknown thing, which cannot for that reason be more clearly or characteristically represented" (12).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A recent dream

In a recent dream, I was in a warm tropical island.  I was lying on the beach enjoying the warm rays of the sun, while inconspicuously watching people. While lying on the beach, I concentrated on the heat touching my legs, arms, and torso. Because the beach was so peaceful and illuminating the delight of being anywhere else wouldn’t feel the same, I wanted nothing more than to spend my time lay under the sun.